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Why are there so many spelling variations of Native words on this website?

The English government clerks wrote down the words of Native people, places, and communities using phonetic spellings. Even with the different spellings, these records can help people to understand the relationships between Tribal people, original place names, and languages. Please note that many inaccuracies exist in the historic records because the English often misunderstood the names and relationships of Indigenous leaders and communities.

Does the Mayis website have all Indigenous records in Maryland State Archives?

We are releasing the website with Indigenous words found in government records from early volumes of Archives of Maryland Online. As of September 2022, the website is focused on records from the years 1632-1800. More information will be available online as we continue our research into Maryland government records. Researchers are welcome to make an appointment in our Search Room to request records.

What are the Julian calendar dates?

The English government changed to the Gregorian calendar system from the previous Julian calendar system in 1752. Some legal documents written in the 1600s and 1700s may be recorded on two year dates (for example, as 2 February 1733/34). View More: The Julian Calendar / The Gregorian Calendar

How can I get involved with this project?

If you are interested in helping the Mayis Maryland Indigeneous records website project, please send an email to

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